Mara Branco is a contemporary artist who has developed new and creative ways to paint. Art has been a passion for Mara from an early age. Her first exhibit took place when she was 11. Some of her collective exhibits were held at centennial historic city of Coimbra, Portugal, where she presented her works in the City Hall. Other places and events like the Club TAP-Lisbon, IPJ (Portuguese Youth Institute) of Lisbon and the XI International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Vendas Novas, contributed to make her art known in Portugal.

Mara studied Graphic Arts and Communication in Lisbon and has an equivalent to Master’s Degree in Design by the Higher School of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing, Lisbon, Portugal.

Recently relocated to Hawaii, Mara continues to paint and surprise the world with unique and creative art. To see some of her most recent work visit the Gallery 1.